About Our Squadron

Our squadron has been active in the Greater Marlborough Area and throughout the Massachusetts Wing for a number of years. Check out some of our pictures from CAP Encampment and some other activities that we have been a part of!

Cadet Airman First Class Gino DiMatteo, Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Asher Leeming, and Cadet Staff Sergeant Gregory Poe performing color guard during the 2015 Marlborough Labor Day Parade (Photo by Ed Karvoski Jr., Community Advocate):

Founded in 1997, our squadron is named in memory of Lt Col Frank Pocher, who was the commander of MAWG Group I at that time. Lt Col Pocher was a very strong supporter of the new Minute Man Squadron and was instrumental in helping to form the squadron. Sadly, he died in an aircraft accident shortly after the squadron started, so we changed our name to the Lt Col Frank Pocher Minute Man Squadron to honor him.Featured on our squadron patch is our mascot, the bulldog. Bulldogs, like the members of our squadron, are tenacious of spirit and devoted to their duty. You may also notice that our unit number says “19059” on the patch. This was our original squadron designation before CAP changed the first two digits to letters representing our state’s abbreviation.

The squadron has moved its headquarters from various locations in the general area over the years, first arriving in Marlborough in 2006. In 2013, we moved to the Marlborough Central Fire Station.

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