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For our squadron members:

With the Coronavirus pandemic, face-to-face squadron meetings were suspended in March 2020. In November 2021, MAWG relaxed restrictions enough to move up to Phase III. But then Omicron hit and the Coronavirus infection rate shot back up. On 10 DEC 21, MAWG reverted to Phase II. Less than two weeks later, the Wing went back to Phase I which has the stiffest limits on our ability to meet. In any event, we still do not have access to the rooms at the Marlborough Fire Department where we used to meet.

Most meetings have been remote, using "Zoom". That should change, very soon.

Please work on your next Achievement, or learning something new about Aerospace, Drill, or Emergency Services. This is a great opportunity to make forward progress in your free time. Wasted time is lost time.


Our next regular squadron meeting is 29 MAY 22, from 1700-1930 local time. This week's meeting will be IN-PERSON.

Please CALL-UP to let us know if you ARE or ARE NOT coming. Use the form below.

Please CALL-UP also to let us know if you ARE or ARE NOT coming to the Memorial Day Parade on Monday.

Note that you should come to the meeting fully prepared, having a number of things that we will list for you to bring. Make sure to have everything on the list. If you don't have something that is on the list, please let us know in advance of coming.

A few Past and Future Squadron Special Activities:

  • July 2019: Orientation Flights (O-Flights), 27 JUL 2019

  • August 2019: Massachusetts Wing Encampment, 9 - 18 AUG 2019

  • September 2019: Marlborough Labor Day Parade, 2 SEP 2019

  • October 2019: squadron Halloween Party

  • 14-15 December 2019: O-flights

  • 25-26 January 2020: SAREX

  • 22-23 February 2020: SAREX

  • 27 FEB - 1 MAR 2020: CAP Legislative Day

  • 7 MAR, or 22 MAR, or 4 APR: New England Air Museum (POSTPONED)

  • TBD: USS Intrepid and 9/11 Memorial (POSTPONED)

  • 27 SEP 2020: Model Rocketry class

  • 31 OCT 2020: Drill training for new (Bravo) cadets

  • 22 NOV 2020: Orientation Flights

  • 16-18 JAN 2021: Orientation Flights

  • 9-15 AUG 2021: Massachusetts Wing Encampment

  • 12-14 AUG 2021: National Conference

  • 07 NOV 2021: James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) activity

  • 07 NOV 2021: Telescope viewing

  • More to come

AE, STEM, or other things of interest:

  • James Webb Space Telescope launch, 25 December (Christmas day!) at 0720 hours Eastern time

  • New NER Region Commander, Col Everett Hume, effective 22 AUG 21

  • New NER Region Vice Commander, effective 22 AUG 21

  • New CAP National Commander, Maj Gen Edward Phelka, effective 26 AUG 21

  • New CAP National Vice Commander, Brig Gen Regena Aye, effective 26 AUG 21

  • New MAWG Wing Commander, Col Walter (Tim) Nelson, effective 16 OCT 21

  • New MAWG Wing Vice Commander, Lt Col Carleton Jones, effective 16 OCT 21

Our Squadron meets most Sunday nights from 5pm to 7:30pm at the Marlborough Central Fire Station at 215 Maple St in Marlborough, MA.